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Leisure Scenic Spot
‧ PaGu Mount Buddha Sculpture
‧ Tien-Wei Highway Flower Garden
‧ View of Wang Kong Light Over Sea
Historic Spot
‧ Lu-Kung Historic Spot

PaGu Mount Buddha Sculpture

The PaGu Mount Buddha Sculpture is located at the PaGu Mount in Chang Hwa city. Owing to the big sculpture with beautiful scenery, it is a famous tour spot in Taiwan.

The 23km height sculpture was established in 1954 and it has 6 floors. It is the largest Buddha sculpture in Asia has many small Buddha statues around. Around the sculpture, a large grass land can be used for visitors for a break.


The first floor setting various of small Buddha models with history; 2nd floor is administrative office; 3rd floor setting around of Buddha statues; 4th floor is a baldachin for people obeisance and at outside gallery, people can see the whole ChangHwa scenery.


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