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‧ PaGu Mount Buddha Sculpture
‧ Tien-Wei Highway Flower Garden
‧ View of Wang Kong Light Over Sea
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‧ Lu-Kung Historic Spot

View of Wang Kong Light Over Sea


Wang Kong Tower-the most obvious building of Wang Kong, has 37.7m in height with octagon look. You will see the tower while driving along coast of Taiwan Line 17.

In the past, view of "Wang Kong Light Over Sea" was on of the eight famous scenes in Chang Hwa. However, the big scene has not as busy as before due to less ships. We still suggest you still to take a look at. Walking up to the tower or playing with water, you'll find ships carrying all kinds of fish and crabs. If you were lucky, you might see mudskipper and crabs.


And, walking the coast way behind the tower, it's a great natural environment of redwood with birds live in, which Chang Hwa agriculture department has spend huge effort on protecting the nature class.


Fresh sea food, peanut, and asparagus are famous in Wang Kung. And, you can choose whatever restaurant along the coast. Local food has several of choices, and you might also bring fresh seafood home to cook by yourself.

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