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Grandview Resort Beitou is located at a high point of Youya Road,
Overlooking Danfeng Mountains, located in the Datun Mountain systems,
Next to Beitou Taiwan Folk Arts Museum, in the pleasant atmosphere integrated nature and culture,
Mountains, springs, wood, and rocks …,
Giving the hotel a new look and feel.

■Address:No. 30 Youya Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City, 112 Taiwan

Superior Room

Public Male and Female Hot Spring
With a height of over 9 meters, located in a garden, they are separated by bamboo screens. The hot spring area contains Spa pools, cold plunge pools, ice pools, ovens, steam room, stone baths and relaxation areas. They provide a scenic view of nature!

Individual hot springs bathing rooms
8 independent hot spring bathing rooms, each containing independent hot springs and rest areas, each with outdoor views.

Outdoor baths
The comfortable outdoor design allows you to breathe the fresh air of Beitou and letting your body, mind, and spirit getting total relaxation.

C' est Bon
The restaurant uses special Guanyin Rock walls, with elegant European styled chandeliers, wooden and marble floors to create an elegant and modern feel. With large ceiling-to-floor windows.The semi-open kitchen, allows one to enjoy visually before tasting the meal. The food combines the local and seasonal product with special ingredients from European and North America. The chef, graduated with Blue Ribbon from Paris, is able to use the creative methods to develop tasty and aromatic Western style cuisine.

Chinese Cuisine
The restaurant offers scenic views from 3 sides, with view of the sun and clouds in the daytime, and moon and stars at night. The centrally located octagonal pillars offer an Eastern philosophical feel, matched with the mountain sakuras outside adds to the elegant and munificent feel in the courtyard. The Chinese cuisine combines local agricultural and fishery products. Under the creative and skillful techniques of the master chef, an innovative style of cuisine is created within traditional dishes, preserving the original flavor of the ingredients. The cuisines provide a flavorful and atheistically pleasing feast.

Aqua Deck
With vertically hanging style lighting and wooden window frames, a simple and elegant space is crated. Along the sitting area is water surrounding 3 sides, matched with the hundred year old cassia trees located in the central court yard. The tea house lighting sways, with an easy going mood, creating a unique and charming lounge bar feel. Beverages include wine, tea, and coffee. It is a perfect spot for intimate conversations for close friends and partners.

Multi-Function VIP Rooms
There are five multi-function VIP rooms named by flowers – Osmanthus, Peony, Liquidambar, Camellia & Lily – offering gourmet feasts enjoyed by scholars and ordinary people. Peony and Liquidambar two rooms can be combined and become a big VIP room for business or banquet requirements. These are the best places for family and friends gathering.

Grand View banquet hall
Grand View banquet hall is elegant in design with capacity of 250 persons. It is equipped with flexible partitioned venue and professional lighting and hi-fi equipment. It is suitable for special wedding, presentation, large conference or group gathering.

Convention Center
Conference room with whole opened and spacious design is good for 30~100 persons. It can be arranged according to variety of activities. The independent outdoor balcony is an excellent rest place during meeting. You can have a full view of the green mountains through large French windows. And you will have fruitful gains in creative wisdom and natural arts in every meeting.

The semi-open Spas are made from Special Rock Plates,Using imported cedar to build the shelters,Each room having fragrant herbal steam bath and outdoor spa pool.Letting you enjoy the triple joy of SPA + Hot springs + fragrant herbal steam bathThe aroma therapist’s expertise touch,Reviving one’s 5 senses!

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